What will be your next EU destination to work?

This interactive tool is designed to help fresh graduates strategically select their next move in the European job market. By presenting different factors such as quality of life, average salaries and rent prices in an accessible and user-friendly format, users can compare, weight, and filter different European countries at a glance.

The visualization empowers users to make well-informed decisions on where they might want to relocate for work based on a holistic set of data points that matter most to them. Data is currently being retrieved from Numbeo (the world's largest cost of living database), the Global Health Expenditures database (in collaboration with countries using official statistics), and StackOverflow surveys regarding IT jobs in Europe.

Filter Weights
Info After changing the weights of one of the 5 indicators, the order of the countries that most meet your interests will change accordingly.

Filter Filter
Info Use the hisotgram widgets to change the ranges of salary and rent prices. After applying the filter, the countries that don't meet your expectations will be marked in grey.
Average monthly net salary (after tax)
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Average monthly rent in city center (1 bedroom)
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Average monthly rent outside city center
(1 bedroom)
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Mapping Career Paths: From Country of Origin to Salary Ranges

  1. 1 Countries
  2. 2 Employement Type
  3. 3 Education Level
  4. 4 Yearly Salary Range (€)

Sources of Health Insurance Coverage

Prices of Several Goods and Services